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Reconciliation in Schools

Updated: 6 days ago

A man sitting at a school desk looking to a window
Head teacher Theoneste

Theoneste completed AEE’s training in reconciliation in 2021. As the head teacher of the Duha complex school in Rwamagana – areas of which still struggle with the legacy of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi – it was not long before Theonestse was applying his skills to mend relations between two students and their families after a dispute with references to the genocide.

Theoneste also found that the training had a profound effect on both himself and the school community. “When I prepare to give [the training] to other persons I have time to read it, think about it. I’m telling you, I have been changed myself, but what interests me is the change in teachers.” After Theoneste trained his teachers in the reconciliation process, they started to see the school as a family - a place of belonging. Now, teachers talking about reconciliation has filtered down to the student leaders in advance of formal training groups for the school students.

“Based on the facts and these experiences in which reconciliation was achieved, I can confidently say that reconciliation is a reality not a myth”

A word on a blackboard with a man walking away
UBWIYUNGE - "Reconciliation"

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