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2022 Mission Stories

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A woman and her priest standing in the doorway of a church
Atanasie and Pastor Jean Baptiste at the Elise Methodist Libre au Rwanda church in Nyamagasambu

Pastor Jean Baptiste was a mission site coordinator for the 2022 Rwamagana mission. For him, the enduring benefit coming from the mission is a new sensed of unity between denominations and churches. Before the mission started, AEE ran training session for twelve members of different churches, asking them to see beyond the differences between their churches. For Pastor Jean Baptiste, “it was uniting to see all the denominations and different churches come together and that they are one as children of God.”

Antanasie, came to the mission on the suggestion of an acquaintance who knew Atanasie’s life. In Atanasie’s words, “I used to be an alcohol addict and I engaged in sex work before getting saved.”

She felt she was ready to change her life, and coming to the mission event, she say, “I saw many choirs singing and many pastors there. I sat down with others and they were singing. I heard the word of God.”

She turned her life around, leaving the bars and the drinking for church and singing in the choir. “I am really sure that this transformation is for a long time. Now I can see that there me was before the mission and after the mission.”

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