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Strategic Goals

We are a child-centered organization and we recognize that children depend upon their families and communities. Parents are unlikely to be able to provide for the child if their own rights are not realized.

Addressing the needs of families and communities empowers parents to provide the support their children need to have the best chance for growth and development.

We recognize the strengths of vulnerable populations to lift themselves out of poverty and respect the sense of dignity built through self-help.

In 2019 we established a strategic plan to guide our work over the next five years, 2020 - 2025. COVID-19 provided some early bumps to our strategy, but the goals we established have remained our guiding stars.

Fully Realized Child-Rights

We are focused on the rights of children


Empowered Church

We understand the Church can lead holistic transformation

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Self-Reliant Youth

We recognize early adulthood is a formative time

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Strong Families and Communities

We know families and communities are key to sustainable transformation

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