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Thematic Areas

Our thematic areas are the building blocks for our projects, representing our core capabilities and deep experience.


AEE projects support education from early childhood to end of secondary school, including student sponsorship, teacher training, and building or refurbishing schools.


Youth Empowerment


Through TVET, savings and job groups, and training and assistance to start small businesses, AEE projects ensure that youth possess both the work and life skills to contribute to their communities.


Health and Nutrition

HIV Clinic-20220421_115442.jpg

From maternal health and early childhood interventions to HIV testing, support, and service linkage, AEE projects work to improve the  health and resilience of Rwanda’s poorest.


Food Security and Livelihood

SHG - Baho Neza-20220427_121935.jpg

Household food and economic security is a foundation to AEE’s strategic goals. Our projects promote work with households and farmers to grow food for home use, local markets, and export crops.


Water, Sanitation, Hygiene

KNH ECD - Gikaya Baby's Hope - Sanitation-20190814_114004.jpg

AEE projects support access to clean water and effective sanitation through building and refurbishing water source, market based sanitation initiatives, and training.



Gasabo Mission - Gisozi Preaching-201608

AEE partners with the Church to holistically transform the community through Word and Deed and see the Kingdom of God prevail in the hearts of many through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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