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Ejo Heza Self-Help Group

Ejo Heza - “Better Future”. This is the name the twenty members of this self-help group chose for themselves when they formed in April last year.

Starting with each of the twenty members weekly putting 150 Rwandan Frances into the group’s savings – in total, close to three US dollars – they quickly rented land to plant bananas and farm as a group.

Vestine, the group’s rotating leader says of her dreams for her baby, “I am excited to say that this boy is going to be a very very important person because I will have saved for his education. My focus is to save money for him and send him to a good school so that as he grows up, he becomes someone special in the community.”

For the last year they have worked together and supported each other. Through the COVID-19 restrictions when the group couldn’t work in the fields, they still supported each other, helping members who fell ill with money or food.

Once their bananan crop is harvested and sold, then they will decide their next venture – each time a little more ambitious.

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